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this is what I call SAYANG

I'm ashamed to share with you this story, but i'm strong to share it,

first ,I started know him at myspace. friendly , kindly , talkative. Baru kenal sehari dah nak meet, padahal aku stay perak dia kl. wakdieeee! hahahaha, after year to year finally I met him. He's look so freaking hot hahaha, but he bring his girlfriend(ex) . looks like Hana Tajima , oushhhhhhhhhhhh ! haha, I spending 4hours with him. did u want to know who is he? 

He is Syazwan Izzat : 

syazwan izzat

ewan evan's

farish kimsons

second person is Ewan , he's the taller one we love . hahaha. how cruel am I . but just forget it , whatever I say , I love him, but this guy so flirting  because he was so taller maybe. haha , I never meet him, but  we had  webcam-ing together . that time, he half-naked . damnnn cool. hahaha. but he's girlfriend was so pretty , beautiful, hot ! eika ponniey. *but she never commented with me. hahaha,

anyway , this is my bestfriend , I love both of them. 

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