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PING !!!!  
ok bebajet jee macam bunyi BALCKBEWYYY ! aku takde bb macam kome , takpun nak bbm semua and on via bb semua. #eh ape kena mengena dengan bb ni , ahh kisah plak aku. hahahaha *evil laugh
Actually I wanna share bout my  MY BIRTHDAY WISHLIST , btw this 13 March is my birthday ! so please make a wish ! make an awesome wish , nanti aku bagi hadiah. k aku memain. 
I wrote all this cause I to share  bout what I really want on my birthday. Things that I really want is EATING TUTTI FRUTTI , ok fact for today I never eat TF since it had opened in Malaysia, lalu depan outlet dia banyak kali ah , masuk takpernah. I cant imagine how if I get TF . Aku tahu benda alah ni can gain my weight but weight gain doesn't scare me ok !! hahah

how delicious it is , ohh fuck sedap , tapi kan kalau orang yang pergi makan ni mesti tangkap gamba dulu then baru makan, whattheeee . Btw I want A BIG CUP ! hahaha

My second things that I really want is KIDROBOT SWATCH WATCH , 

hahahhaa dengar nama jee dah macam mainan budak2 , memang its more too childish , but guess what , since last year when I saw a guy wearing this watch , SMART and AWESOME . Idk how much this watch , its to be full fun and surprises which simply to wear. I love the design that really make me adore to this fucking watch.  Jam ni ada mcm2 models like Ski Instructor, Bengali, Love Song, Tic Tic Boom, Shout Out, The Eyes are Watching, The So Far Away, and Midnight Magi. Memang annoying gila benda ni tapi kalau tengok betul2 jam ni memang cool laaa,  I promised to myself if I get this watch I'll bring it together whenever I go out. Mom please buy this for me , satu jeeee , hikhokhikhok hhahah


Idk why im so adore with this shoes ! yeahh its looks like nothing from outside , just a simple shoes. But for me this shoes make me more matured from now , hahahha , nampak org pakai kasut ni rasa macam nak pijak2 kasut dia. See!!! kedengkian aku terserlah , hahahah.  I live in Perak so its hard for to find this shoes :( *bebajet sedih T_T hahahaha , 
Ok its done , aku pun macam dah taktahu nak tulis apa. kbai :):):) *sniffing

2012 ♥♥♥ life

assalamualaikum !!! its looks like more than 3months i've not update my blog. Ohh iu really miss the way i shared all my stories ! and i'm doing my come back ! hahaha bebajet je , its ok KAU HINGAT AKU KISAH ! hahaha . btw i've renew my blog :) please say that my blog is AWESOME ! and I also had changed the song inside , I LOVE THIS SONG  !!!!! btw thanks to Hafeez Hatta cause helping me all this , kbai , and now im gonna tell you what is actually happened !

Guess what , I'm so happy in this 2012 and bit worried. Im happy cause ive not schooling anymore !!!!! yeahh this is what I want cause I can spend my whole time with my familly and friends :) I MISS MY SCHOOLMATES  ! CLASSMATES  ! TEAM PENGAWAS BATCH 2011 !!!  things that i bit worry is MY SPM RESULT . aku harap aku dapat result yg bagus . AMINNNNN :) 

anyways since ive not schooling and working , iI spend my whole time with social web like twitter and faceboook :) but I most on twitter , layan peminat kate kau ! hahaha. :P  
Actually something is bothering my mind , I keep missing you guys  , I means the #banggayat teams ! fuck ! hahahaha. Haritu lepak rumah kawan aku kat sg.long and guess what , aku lepak dengan alep, hafeez, fify , angah, balqis, milly , hafidz, muni , aqil, miyyo, dannnnnnn entah adda lagi kee ? of course mellisa , seorang baby perempuan yg comel ! hahahah
Since i've back to perak , i keep missing all this niggas ! hahahha. Dan aku tertinggal my memory card ! ahhh kimakss ! hahah, bak mai memory card aku balik , ! KAU HINGAT KAU CANTEK  ! things that I never forget when ktorg packs dalam kereta macam sardin ! and it was AWESOME hahahaha. 

enough for today , akan ku sambung dihari lain. ewahhh , kbye :) :* :D *sniffing Lol