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2012 ♥♥♥ life

assalamualaikum !!! its looks like more than 3months i've not update my blog. Ohh iu really miss the way i shared all my stories ! and i'm doing my come back ! hahaha bebajet je , its ok KAU HINGAT AKU KISAH ! hahaha . btw i've renew my blog :) please say that my blog is AWESOME ! and I also had changed the song inside , I LOVE THIS SONG  !!!!! btw thanks to Hafeez Hatta cause helping me all this , kbai , and now im gonna tell you what is actually happened !

Guess what , I'm so happy in this 2012 and bit worried. Im happy cause ive not schooling anymore !!!!! yeahh this is what I want cause I can spend my whole time with my familly and friends :) I MISS MY SCHOOLMATES  ! CLASSMATES  ! TEAM PENGAWAS BATCH 2011 !!!  things that i bit worry is MY SPM RESULT . aku harap aku dapat result yg bagus . AMINNNNN :) 

anyways since ive not schooling and working , iI spend my whole time with social web like twitter and faceboook :) but I most on twitter , layan peminat kate kau ! hahaha. :P  
Actually something is bothering my mind , I keep missing you guys  , I means the #banggayat teams ! fuck ! hahahaha. Haritu lepak rumah kawan aku kat sg.long and guess what , aku lepak dengan alep, hafeez, fify , angah, balqis, milly , hafidz, muni , aqil, miyyo, dannnnnnn entah adda lagi kee ? of course mellisa , seorang baby perempuan yg comel ! hahahah
Since i've back to perak , i keep missing all this niggas ! hahahha. Dan aku tertinggal my memory card ! ahhh kimakss ! hahah, bak mai memory card aku balik , ! KAU HINGAT KAU CANTEK  ! things that I never forget when ktorg packs dalam kereta macam sardin ! and it was AWESOME hahahaha. 

enough for today , akan ku sambung dihari lain. ewahhh , kbye :) :* :D *sniffing Lol

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