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mamak stall !

Tonight I and my friends (apeq n afnan ) or I call two bald guys had go to mamak's stall. then he's come to us to take a order, hahaha

   mamak: yeahh, order ape ? teh tarik, milo ais , roti canai, roti nan, nasi gam .
   farish   : hmmm , taknak order boleh ?
   mamak: ohh jangan itu mmacam laaa, tada untung.
   farish   : hahaha, ane  teh ais satu ! roti kosong satu! roti tisu !
   mamak: okay ! siap.
   farish   : *harem benda belum hanta dh sembang siap.

*after 5minutes waiting ,  our orders comes.

our drinks orders spill , then we ask him to clean up this table.
he came with the face of the anger. but we still chill do something that never happen. hahah .
then we take out our lappy from a bag and put on the table.We started chatting, gossiping , talkative and make some noise. everybody look at us, damn cool.

mamak come to me and ask,
   mamak: berape luu beli benda niehh(lappy) ?
   farish   : singgit setengah(serious face)
   bald guys : hahahahahhahaahaha (laughing each other
   mamak: all KOLEGES get this ,
   farish   : *kemain mamak niehh speaking.
   bald guys : *blur, blur, blur. ..........................................................!
   bald guys : aku pon takpaham dia sembang ape.
   farish   :  KOLEGES tuu college , budakk college. means semua budak  college or sekolah dapat nieh.

then we continue design and decorate our blog while we eat our food.
apeq always stole my roti canai ! damn cool. I relax, :P
after that we becomes superb crazy, we taking a pictures, mamak pose ! whhoooaaaaa, their fur chest so freaking bad. haahaha. thats we call AWESOME .


 our orders 




okayyy, enough to reach here. we go back home. byeeeeeeeeeeeee :D
*thanks for viewing

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